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Convenience, Safety and Peace of Mind.

Snowmelt systems have surged in popularity in both residential and commercial markets - and for good reasons.


In addition to safety and convenience, the flexibility of snowmelt technology allows it to be used in large or small spaces. It also may help you save money by:

  • eliminating the necessity for commercial snow removal

  • reducing wear and tear on areas of application

  • lessen liability and risk

Common applications include decks, hot tub patios, driveways, parking lots, stairways, walkways, entries and ADA accessible ramps.

Call or email R & H today for a free estimate or discuss how you can benefit from a snowmelt system.

We selected R&H for the job because of their experience, quality of work and good communication skills. R&H displays extensive knowledge of the job & they know how to do it right the first time. 


Town of Dillon

Homeowner Tedd B.

Great job on tubing replacement and boiler. You have been great at overcoming some challenges we had. Great job guys!!

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